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ChatGPTChatGPT Content Generator + Blog

GENERATES, TRANSLATES or REWRITES unique SEO-optimized descriptions for products, categories or pages using ChatGPT AI. Our new secret weapons: AI-generated BLOG & product SPIN-OFFs will boost your SEO and sales!


Agile Multi-Vendor MarketplaceAgile Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Transforms your store into “Amazon” – a marketplace with multiple sellers and their shops. Vendors can sell products and manage orders. Admin controls vendors and charges them fees. Powerful options for carriers, subscriptions, product import etc



Versatile suite of tools and instruments for extending both Front Office and Back Office functionalities, improving user experience and expanding admin options with powerful management opportunities


Products Cleaner

Clear your store from out of date products with zero stock quantity and which were not ordered during the defined period of time. You can indicate this after sale period and trig the store cleaning manually or regularly by cron.


Custom popup Module

The module is designed to display a popup on the site page (for example, to promote some product or to increase sales of some items).


Add To Cart Redirect

Adds a redirect link to the “Add to cart” button on product page, so the store visitor will be redirected to the appropriate URL instead of the native PrestaShop checkout process.


Distribute your store products on WordPress sites

Distribute your store products on WordPress sites! By easily adding products to WordPress, you can achieve higher sales, inventory expansion & customer experience. WP visitors will “add to cart” with the final proceeding of the order in PrestaShop.


Visitors statistics with fake users on product page

Module adds a block with the number of users who are browsing the product page at the moment. You can add fake users to increase total visitors number. Block is located under the ‘Add to cart’ button


aws s3 prestashop moduleAmazon AWS S3 CDN media server

Module speeds up your online store by transferring most of your store files to CDN and keep loading them from Amazon AWS S3 cloud. Module replaces standard media server and provides much more flexible system of settings and file control


custom product labelsCustom product labels

Module is designed to create and display custom labels and stickers on product images so they will become more visible and attractive for buyers. Label can show different information (discounts, novelty, popularity, sales, etc.).


Ping Services

Ping services is PrestaShop module which improves indexing of your shop by notifying popular ping services about the new products and pages in your store. Speeds up store indexing and improves SEO.


Social login via Instagram APISocial login via Instagram API

Module allows you to login and authorise in PrestaShop using Instagram account. Besides you can connect your Instagram account to the existing account in PrestaShop.


Social login via Facebook API

Module allows you to login and authorise in PrestaShop using Facebook account. Besides you can connect your Facebook account to the existing account in PrestaShop.


cloudflare logoCloudflare

Module allows you to use Cloudflare services in your store. You can adjust Cloudflare settings directly in PrestaShop admin panel.


grammarly logo prestashop

Spell checker using Grammarly API

The module aims to improve the quality of text content on a store by checking it for grammatical and spelling errors. By using this module, users can get suggestions for corrections and improvements.


affilitate program - prestashop moduleAffiliate Program with Referrals & Promotional Links

Increase your store sales via extra traffic from affiliate links placed by referrals anywhere: social networks or sites! Each your referral will be able to generate unique URLs to categories or pages and control the statistics of conversion and sales.


Google passkey PrestashopPasswordless login with Google Passkeys

Passkeys by Google are a safer and easier alternative to passwords. Users and Admins can log in with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing them from having to remember and manage passwords.



The module translates everything that can be translated, namely: all fields in products, categories, attributes, features, feature values, manufacturers, suppliers, CMS pages, e-mails, themes, other modules and admin-panel entities. All of these translations can be performed as a bulk action.



PrestaShop is a powerful platform for online stores, which appeared in 2007 and was loaded more than 1000 times during the first month. You can ask why did it become so popular? The answer is logical: PrestaShop is one of the best open source e-commerce solutions that is free. In simple terms, this is an ideal solution for your online store with goods, categories, filters, delivery and payment options, SKU and bar codes, warehouses and import of Excel products, etc.

PrestaShop is easy to use, but very functional. Thanks to this combination, already in 2011, the number of PrestaShop downloads exceeded 100 000.

Now about 250 000 online stores around the world are working on this platform. PrestaShop is translated into 60 languages, used in 195 countries. A big plus of PrestaShop online stores are various modules that allow you to significantly expand the functionality of the store, add non-standard solutions. The list of modules for PrestaShop is so wide that you can easily turn a store into a marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, where sellers can sell their products.

The SoftSprint team is a developer of PrestaShop online stores, as well as various modules. Our more than 5 years experience in Presta has allowed us to become a partner of:
Thirty Bees –;
Agile ( – Toronto, Canada), Presta module developer, specializing in using the Marketplace in Presta stores.

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