SoftSprint team often applies frameworks. Among them there is one that deserves special attention – CakePHP!
About 130 thousand projects have been done using CakePHP, among them BMW and Hyundai websites!
CakePHP allows you to implement many tasks faster, more efficiently and more logically, that is, they simplify developers lives! So, with CakePHP you can:
– perform work on the project faster and better;
– provide more logical and structured code that can be used in the future;
– effectively apply MVC logic (Model-View-Controller);
– use modern development methods, such as object-oriented programming, PHP7, etc.

The most powerful argument is that CakePHP helps in the implementation of an individual solution: you get exactly what you need! Thanks to this, you can receive an extremely powerful service, such as a warehouse, postal delivery or online store, media services exchange or advertising platform. You can additionally connect a mobile application to any service!

The CakePHP platform has been around for more than ten years, and so far it has not left the top positions. CRUD is a built-in function that helps to establish proper interaction with the database when working, for example, with service users. In the latest release of CakePHP 3.x, session management and modularity were improved, and the ability to create / integrate more individual libraries was enhanced.

We advise you to use CakePHP if your product requires a high level of security, because there are many functions for this:
– data verification
– protection against attacks using embedded SQL (SQL injection);
– cross-site scripting prevention;
– cross-site request forgery protection and much more.

CakePHP is the first among PHP framework in the world. The first release was in 2005. It is among the four most popular PHP projects on Github.

Our team wrote a huge number of CakePHP-based projects!
Be the next – order an individual website with functionality that has no limitations!

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