About us

Who are we? – A team of professionals in the field of web development, mobile applications and training

Why we? – The optimal ratio price / quality / terms. Individual approach

Where we are? – We have offices in Lviv (Ukraine) also – the cultural capital. Center of Coffee, Chocolate, Tourism and Internet Technologies. Besides we have partners in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

How do we work? – We form the technical task with the client, determine the time and cost, provide the result, support and accompany

Our philosophy? – “Every thing is no more than any other!” No soap bubbles or hidden parts – only an adequate product for the right price.

What can we do?
WEB-development and mobile apps:
– Websites (WordPress, PrestaShop, CakePHP)
– Design (logos, styles, landings, eCommerce)
– WEB-services, database connection
– Android & iOS apps

Verdict? Patience and effort = success. Cooperate with us.

Our PrestaShop-site: PrestaShop Support

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