Product Pages Generator for Sales & SEO: Empowering PrestaShop with ChatGPT AI

Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.7.5 – 1.7.8

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. Introducing the Product Pages Generator for Sales & SEO using ChatGPT – a revolutionary module designed to elevate your PrestaShop store’s sales and enhance its search engine optimization (SEO). This module empowers merchants to generate multiple pages for the same product, expand product offerings, and improve content generation. With Products Rewrite, Generate & Translate options powered by ChatGPT, the possibilities for product expansion are limitless.

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Benefits for Merchants

1. Quick Creation of Spin-Offs:

  • Generate an unlimited number of spin-offs (individual pages for the same product) manually or through ChatGPT.
  • Each spin-off product can have individual or common stock, streamlining the ordering process.

2. Flexible Spin-Off Management:

  • Create, edit, or delete spin-offs at any time during your module subscription period.
  • Spin-off pages seamlessly integrate into XML and HTML sitemaps, enhancing site visibility.

3. Bulk Visibility Adjustment:

  • Easily adjust the visibility of spin-offs globally, whether it’s Everywhere, Catalog only, Search only, or Nowhere.

4. Cost-Effective:

  • No additional charges for utilizing ChatGPT AI within the module.

5. Text Content Generation:

  • Quickly generate text content for main products and spin-offs using ChatGPT AI.
  • Generate product descriptions and characteristics based on EAN, enhancing product information.

6. SEO Optimization:

7. Multilingual Support:

  • Translate already generated text into multiple languages for a multilingual site.

8. Content Rewrite:

  • Utilize the rewrite functionality to make product descriptions unique, catering to diverse audiences.

9. Usage Statistics:

  • Keep track of the word limit for content generated by ChatGPT AI with detailed statistics.

10. Custom Request Templates:

  • Automatically generate requests based on customizable templates for a tailored approach.

11. Bulk Mode Support:

  • Perform operations in bulk, saving time and effort in managing product content.

Benefits for Customers

1. Enhanced Search Engine Visibility:

  • The abundance of indexed spin-off product pages with unique SEO descriptions improves site visibility.

2. Increased Site Traffic:

  • A higher number of pages in search results translate to increased site traffic.

3. High-Quality Product Descriptions:

  • Visitors encounter product descriptions with high-quality text, fostering a positive shopping experience.

4. Seamless Ordering Experience:

  • Customers can order a product from the main page or any spin-off with a consistent checkout experience.

5. Flexible Stock Options:

  • Stock can be common for all spin-off pages along with the main product or individual, offering flexibility to the administrator.


Key Features

1. Unlimited Spin-Offs:

2. Manual or ChatGPT Description Generation:

  • Choose between manual or ChatGPT-driven generation for product descriptions.

3. Common or Individual Stock:

  • Set stock as common or individual for each spin-off, based on your inventory management strategy.

4. Sitemap Integration:

  • Inclusion of spin-off pages in XML and HTML sitemaps for improved search engine indexing.

5. Visibility Settings:

6. Multilanguage Compatibility:

  • Generate content and translations for multilingual sites.

7. Custom Templates:

  • Construct custom templates for personalized results from ChatGPT.

8. Bulk Content Generation:

  • Generate content for products individually or in bulk.

9. EAN-Based Characteristics:

  • Generate a list of product characteristics based on EAN.

10. Translation Options:

  • Translate content into multiple languages to cater to a diverse audience.

11. Compatibility with Multishop Function:

  • Seamless integration with PrestaShop’s Multishop functionality.


Account Connection

To begin using the module, link it to your PrestaShop Addons account. This connection allows seamless data exchange between the module and your store.

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop Addons account.
  2. Confirm store data access.
  3. Accept and associate the module with your store.

Choose Plan

Select a subscription plan and activate it to unlock the module’s full functionality. Choose from available tariff options and proceed with the payment.


General Settings

Adjust global parameters affecting all spin-offs:

  • Spin-off product visibility
  • New spin-off products stock
  • Add spin-offs to sitemap XML

Tariff Features

Monitor module usage statistics and plan limits through a dedicated table displaying relevant information.


Create, edit, and manage templates for ChatGPT requests. These templates facilitate the generation of personalized content for your products.

ChatGPT Functionality

Leverage ChatGPT AI for product descriptions, translations, and content rewriting.

  • Generate descriptions based on customizable templates.
  • Translate content into multiple languages.
  • Rewrite product content for uniqueness.

Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions on products for efficient management:

  • Generate descriptions in bulk.
  • Translate content or titles in bulk.
  • Rewrite content for multiple products simultaneously.

Spin-Off Tab on Product Settings

Access spin-off options on the original product page:

  • View and manage existing spin-offs.
  • Generate new spin-offs for the product.

Front Spin-Off Page Example

Experience a seamless transition between main and spin-off product pages. Each spin-off product functions independently with its unique link for easy ordering.

Quantity of Spin-Off Products

Choose between common and individual quantity management methods. See real-time updates in stock levels for both parent and spin-off products.

HTML Sitemap

Enable the display of a link to the HTML sitemap, showcasing all spin-off products. Ensure your theme supports the “displayFooter” hook for optimal visibility.


XML Sitemap

Automatically add generated products to the XML sitemap when the “Add spin-offs to sitemap XML” function is enabled.


  1. Upload the module via the Backoffice under Modules > Add New Module.
  2. Install the module and configure settings as needed.

In conclusion, the Product Pages Generator for Sales & SEO using ChatGPT brings unprecedented capabilities to PrestaShop, allowing merchants to amplify their product offerings, enhance SEO, and provide an enriched shopping experience for customers. Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the power of ChatGPT AI in your e-commerce journey.

Let’s delve into real-life user stories to understand how the Product Pages Generator for Sales & SEO using ChatGPT can be a game-changer for various scenarios:

Story 1: The Boutique Owner’s Dilemma

Meet Sarah, a boutique owner running her PrestaShop store. She introduces a new collection of handmade jewelry but struggles with creating unique product pages for each item. With the Product Pages Generator, Sarah easily generates individual spin-off pages for every jewelry piece. The ChatGPT AI effortlessly crafts compelling product descriptions, making each piece stand out. This not only enhances the SEO of her store but also provides customers with detailed and engaging information, resulting in increased sales.

Story 2: Expanding the Tech Store Inventory

David operates an online tech store and frequently adds new products to keep up with the latest trends. Instead of manually creating pages for each product, he employs the Product Pages Generator. By leveraging ChatGPT, David generates bulk descriptions for his new tech gadgets, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across the website. The module’s multilingual support also enables him to reach a broader audience, leading to a boost in international sales.

Story 3: Multilingual Fashion Retailer

Emma manages a fashion retail store catering to a diverse customer base. To provide a personalized experience for her international audience, she uses the module’s translation feature. With a few clicks, Emma translates product descriptions into multiple languages, making her store accessible to a global audience. The spin-off pages seamlessly integrate into the site’s sitemap, improving the store’s visibility and attracting fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Story 4: SEO Boost for Electronics Store

Mark, the owner of an electronics store, faces challenges in optimizing product pages for search engines. By integrating the Product Pages Generator, Mark revamps his SEO strategy. The module automatically adds spin-off pages to the XML sitemap, increasing the chances of his products appearing in search results. With unique and SEO-optimized content generated by ChatGPT, Mark witnesses a significant improvement in his store’s search engine ranking, driving organic traffic and sales.

Story 5: Niche Market Specialist

Lisa specializes in niche products and desires a unique approach to each item’s description. The module’s custom request templates feature becomes her go-to tool. Lisa creates personalized templates tailored to her niche, ensuring that ChatGPT generates content aligned with her brand’s voice. This not only sets her store apart but also resonates with her target audience, establishing trust and loyalty among customers seeking niche products.

Story 6: Managing Seasonal Product Updates

James, an e-commerce entrepreneur dealing in seasonal products, faces the challenge of updating product descriptions each season. The Product Pages Generator simplifies this process. James efficiently generates new descriptions and characteristics for his seasonal products, keeping the content fresh and relevant. The bulk mode feature allows him to update multiple products simultaneously, saving time and ensuring a seamless transition between seasons.


Story 7: Scaling with a Limited Team

Sophie manages an online marketplace with a small team. To scale her product offerings without overwhelming her team, she adopts the module. ChatGPT becomes Sophie’s virtual assistant, automating the generation of spin-off pages and descriptions. This not only allows her team to focus on other crucial tasks but also expands the product range, attracting a wider audience and driving sales.

In these real user stories, the Product Pages Generator for Sales & SEO using ChatGPT proves to be a versatile solution, addressing the unique needs of different merchants and scenarios. Whether it’s enhancing SEO, expanding product offerings, or catering to a global audience, the module empowers PrestaShop users to elevate their e-commerce game.

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