Elementor PRO – a page builder for WordPress on ELECTROPOWER landing page


When it is needed to make a website quickly and efficiently, as a rule, the developers of the Softsprint team recommend Elementor PRO – a page builder for WordPress! Elementor Pro is the same Elementor but full of different features, with more tools to help speed up your workflow. For example, Theme Builder allows you to customize each part of the selected theme.

To attract the attention of the site visitor, we added an animation when scrolling the page – this is the main effect on which the emphasis was done, because the main “magnet” of the site should still be the product offered! This is an actual thing for Ukrainians now – a portable charger!

We all know that Landing page is just such a kind of web-resources that should cause a reaction in the visitor: click the order button, fill out the contact form, call. That is why the Landing page should have very concise and at the same time simple and clear UX / UI.

Electropower photo

The contact form on the site does not have optional fields to fill in, contains hints in the inputs – these two conditions are necessary to increase the level of online sales conversion.

If you are planning to start your own business and you need to organise an original Landing page for acquaintance, please contact us, we will do it for you 😉


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