SPRINT Shop – WordPress with Elementor plugin and JS-effects is a very bright, informative, interesting site, developed by the SoftSprint team not so long ago. Broca is a unique agency that has colossal experience in business, helps business owners to make their marketing more profitable and to make customers loyal. Accordingly, creating the design “from scratch” our designer put the maximum of his imagination and studied hundreds of different jQuery libraries for achieving effects that make the site “alive”, exciting.

SoftSprint developers had to actively use JavaScript in order to embody all the variety of animation content on pages! Without fail, the site was adapted for mobile devices, cross-browser compatibility was saved and tested.


Website creation is based on Elementor – a plugin for CMS WordPress. In short, Elementor is a multifunctional page builder, most often it is used for the layout of landing pages, blog sites, etc.



For the convenience of site visitors, has a subscription form, a feedback form, a form for sending brief information about the company if the user decides to become a Broca client, a payment form and much more.

To optimize the speed, we suggested the client to use the WP Rocket plugin.


The customer was satisfied with the work of SoftSprint!
Contact us, we will help you to make your site more modern, bright, diverse!


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