SPRINT Shop – PrestaShop store – a modern online store based on PrestaShop. The original design of the store was achieved thanks to the creation of a new custom PrestaShop theme and the connection of a number of modules. Part of the native Presta functionality and its modules has been redesigned to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Authorization in the store is available via the WeChat social network API; AliPay and PayPal API services are used as payment gateways.

The store is multilingual: English and Chinese, which required the connection of special font libraries and theme settings. The theme itself is adaptive for mobile devices.

The store has integrated blog to improve search engine optimization, and also has a classifier for brands in alphabetical order, a section of gifts and loyalty programs.

The store is set to work comfortably with the PrestaShop import of products, which simplifies the management of leftovers and prices in the warehouse.

As a result, it turned out to be a powerful shop with a nice design for Asian taste (thanks to PrestaShop)!



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