SPRINT Shop – delivery service on PrestaShop


In addition to various sites based on WordPress, SoftSprint team develops the individual solutions based on the PrestaShop platform. The hero of today’s review is the service of parcels delivery – KargoGo (, which delivers goods to Turkey from around the world and vice versa.

The service operates on the basis of online store (PrestaShop) with an upgraded cart and a preliminary calculation of the delivery cost. The cost of delivery is calculated using the calculator developed by us, working in conjunction with the attributes of the Presta goods. The goods are countries, and attributes – the weight of the cargo, differentiated in value of kg.

Also, there is taken into account the condition of checking the volume of the transported cargo, other parameters and options are applied. As a result, a custom solution based on PrestaShop has allowed to receive a flexible and convenient in management delivery service of cargoes with online booking and payment. The site has a forum and a section of frequently asked questions that improves the user experience and SEO indicators. Our team created a custom PrestaShop theme based on the client’s design, that provided the individuality to the site. The use of the PrestaShop platform allowed to reach the record time of development and favorably affected the budget of the project.

Verdict: The delivery service (post) based on PrestaShop is a real and effective solution.



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