SPRINT Shop – WordPress site with HTML5 and CSS3

This post is dedicated to an overview of which is performed in a trendy “material” design with integrated animation. The website is based on WordPress platform and has an original WP-theme, developed from scratch. Traditionally, the design was prepared in PhotoShop, moreover detailed to the level of hands and feet of small men, who had to move on the site:




The structure is made in a popular today landing page format with 100 percent of the page width. mobile Adaptability mandatory requirement is also satisfied –

The site is optimized for mobile devices and Google is happy about that – our site will be at least not lower in SERP than other sites, that is good!

The pearl of the website is its animation, which is implemented via HTML5 and CSS3 with @keyframes properties. Behavior description of the graphics elements was developed in Google Web Designer, which was mentioned more detail here
One of the main reasons for moving from Flash to HTML5 and CSS3 is the cessation of Flash support on Apple-devices. It is clear that CSS can be opened in any browser, requires very shorten resources, and most importantly wonderful is that the animated objects can cooperate with JavaScript – it allows you to hang on them the listeners and add functions on click or mousemove events etc. So our possibilities are unlimited and CROS-browsered!

Besides the integrated blog is working fine on and enables to leave the comments. reCAPTCHA from Google is used to protect the site from spam.

Finally the site became exactly the same as the customer wanted to see it – minimalistic and modern. Soon the new release of the website has appeared – at the time of this post reading, you may already see its update!

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