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sms-puch – SMS-сервис

February 3, 2015 in 5:26 pm | all, CakePHP

The web-service is the service for providing temporary mobile numbers. Temporary mobile numbers are used for registration confirmation on the popular sites by means of the SMS. Facebook, Gmail, and other sites could be used for registration with the help of

The website is powered by CakePHP framework and can be easily added with new functionality. The website has 2 admin-panels with authorization of the users and the administrator. The users can book mobile numbers for the SMS, charge the account, participate in the partner program (register own phone numbers) and earn money. There is statistics on phone numbers, charges, etc in the admin-panel of the user.
The admin-panel of the root manager has such functionality:

Each user has a rating in system which is based on statistics of providing mobile numbers.
The CakePHP framework allows to add the necessary functionality on the website at any time therefore will be able to develop and bring the income to its owners.



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