Agile Booking module for products or services booking /92-agbooking.html

The module is intended for booking goods or services.


  • create a new item for booking;
  • Setting up booking conditions (daytime, temporary);
  • define the days on which the product (service) cannot be booked;
  • list of reserved items;
  • editing the booking conditions.

Creating a booking in the admin panel:create booking

Booking Creation Panel:
create booking

Booking editing:
edit booking

Definition of days when the product will be unavailable:
– choice of days;
– saving changes (Save Unavailable Periods)
change unavailable days

Booking page:
booking page
Reservation of goods (services):
– choice of period for booking:
choose period
– calculation of the cost of the reservation:
calculate price
– booking of goods:
booking product
– checkout (standard process in PrestaShop):
process checkout
View booking details:
admin order detail

List of reserved goods:
booked list

Panel for changing the product (service):
booking edit

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