What are the pros and cons of Magento and PrestaShop?

Following this Quora question:

I will reply in short: Magento moves to cloud SaaS – you can even open
and then you’ll be redirected to Adobe Commerce!

Therefore, you have no alternative between Magento and Presta: if you need installable CMS on your own hosting with full access for customisation and support, then PrestaShop is the only possible option! Especially if you planned to use extra custom addons, like our Agile Multiple Seller:

Agile Multiple Seller 1.7 – PrestaShop module

In fact you will loose root control in case the new approach of Magento – cloud service won’t allow you to set scripts timeout on server or develop some custom code (PHP or JavaScript). You will be limited in the template look modification, etc. All those limitation are natural for such cloud-platforms for e-commerce as Shopify, BigCommerce, Square, Ecwid, etc. It’s like Matrix – you won’t be able to run away from there, you’re a slave without option to migrate, etc.

Agile Multiple Shop

Even such a simple question, as: how to backup your store for further store transfer somewhere?
Well, you can read about PrestaShop here:

Summing it up, the more we move further, the less installable platforms remain on the market. Mad world is going crazy because of those drag-n-drop online-builders and rest of the solutions, which generate garbage code and millions DIVs inside! SoftSprint prefers to keep full code control of development, that’s why we love PrestaShop much more, than cloud Magento;)

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