Instructions to upgrade PrestaShop utilizing the Upgrade Assistant

Otherwise called the “Autoupgrade module” or the “1-click overhaul module”, PrestaShop update associate plans to automatize the redesign interaction.

It is given to free on the commercial center and your shop organization board. It executes the update interaction naturally, and is accessible for practically all adaptations of PrestaShop.

  • A similar note as above, to have this module working you more likely than not set in /application/config/parameters.php information base record with full advantages.
  • The most recent adaptations of this module permit refreshes from PS 1.6 to PS 1.7 as it were.

Note about form +4.0.0

This module has been revised inside for PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7.

Documentation about this significant form is recorded in Upgrade module pages.

Download/Installation instructions

  • Download from the commercial center: movement reinforcement/5496-.html

At that point, import your module file on the modules page. To do as such, you can discover the catch “Transfer a module” (PrestaShop 1.7) or “Add a module” (PrestaShop 1.6) at the upper right of the page. Tapping on it will open a structure that will permit you to transfer your module zip.

On PrestaShop 1.7:

autoupgrade Prestashop

On PrestaShop 1.6 upgrade:
On PrestaShop 1.6

  • From the administration panel usage

On PrestaShop 1.7 update:

module upgrade Prestashop

On PrestaShop 1.6:

migration tool Prestashop

Utilization and usage

The setup page of the module shows a few checks and the alternatives accessible for a redesign.

upgrade checklist Prestashop

The main design allows you to pick what sort of redesign you need to run. It is constantly prescribed to stay with the minor/significant parts of the alternatives, as they utilize some extra data given by PrestaShop (md5 checksum, center documents to erase… ).

start upgrade Prestashop

It is constantly prescribed to allow the module to make its own reinforcement, since it will permit it to quickly run a rollback if something turns out badly during the redesign.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are certain about the reinforcement you have made and are prepared to rollback physically if there should arise a difficult situation, you can impair the reinforcement step.

Prestashop backup options

At last, the last choices modifying the update cycle let you keep any progressions you have never really default topic, sends and so on

Prestashop upgrade options

In the event that the setup picked and oneself checks are legitimate, a catch “Redesign Now” will be accessible. Clicking quickly start the overhaul.

Note the interface might be disagreeable to you, yet it shows however much data as could be expected to tell you what occurred if there should arise a difficult situation. Allow the interaction to run until the message “Overhaul effective” shows up.

On the off chance that a mistake is discovered, you will be given the decision to rollback.

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