Instructions to upgrade PrestaShop


Try not to go further on the off chance that you haven’t made a reinforcement of your shop.

Rollback will be the best way to return if something turns out poorly, and this requires a reinforcement.

Figure out how to reinforcement your shop

This part depicts a few different ways to finish a redesign of PrestaShop.

Manual update – Process subtleties

This guide gives you the full control on the interaction. This one has been applied by PrestaShop for a few significant forms, and accordingly can be applied on exceptionally old shops.

Delivery download

The initial step is to download the most recent rendition on

On the off chance that you move up to another adaptation of PrestaShop 1.6, the delivery documents can be found in a committed chronicles list.

Download should likewise be possible in order line, as done here with the form

wget - O

Document extraction

Concentrate the documents from the file with a device like 7zip

Note beginning from PrestaShop, the delivery bundle contains a compress document itself, which should be extricated also.

On a Linux terminal, you can utilize the order ‘unfasten’:

unzip && unzip

When you have the organizers like classes/, modules/, topics/, and so on you may go on the subsequent stage.

Test documents cleanup

Keep away from overwrite the creation assets (pictures, conf … ) with the default information. These organizers can be taken out from the new delivery:

  • img/
  • override/

The wide range of various documents present in the new delivery will overwrite the current records. All progressions you made on the first source code will be lost (coincidentally, this isn’t suggested, you ought to never change the center records).

Additionally, rename the “administrator” envelope to coordinate with your shop’s administrator organizer name. This will forestall an undesirable duplication of the organization content.

Turning on upkeep mode

The shop will presently be altered. As it might cause unforeseen conduct for you and your clients during the overhaul, we energetically prescribe you to turn on upkeep mode during the redesign.

This should be possible in your organization board:

  • On PrestaShop 1.7, in Shop boundaries > General > Maintenance tab
  • On PrestaShop 1.6, in Shop boundaries > Maintenance

Adding your IP address will permit you to get to your shop while it’s in support mode. That way, you can ensure everything is working just prior to permitting your clients to get to it once more.

Document duplicate

In this progression, we “redesign” the PrestaShop documents by duplicating the new delivery content in the current shop.

Note about seller organizer: Previous overhauls of PrestaShop 1.7 showed that clashes may happen when blending the new merchant/envelope with the former one. To keep away from this issue, we prescribe to erase this envelope in the current shop prior to replicating the enhanced one.

On Windows, duplicate the new organizer substance and glue it in your shop envelope. You will get admonitions that documents as of now exists in the objective envelope. Pick “overwrite” to proceed.

On linux, the duplicate should be possible in your terminal:

cp -R <path_to_the_new_release>/* <path_to_the_current_shop>/
Example like:

cp -R ~/Downloads/prestashop/* /var/www/html/

Data set overhaul

When the records have been duplicated, your shop data set is fit to be redesigned.

Some web facilitating suppliers gives both of you client records to get to your information base. One with full advantages the other for utilizing in scripts with restricted rights. To have the option to utilize this Database redesign script you need to utilize the record with full advantages.

Every one of the progressions to apply have been characterized in the introduce envelope, running them should be possible with a particular PHP script.

At the point when you’re prepared, run the record introduce/overhaul/upgrade.php.

This should be possible with a program, by arriving at the location http://<shop_domain>/introduce/overhaul/upgrade.php, or from your worker’s order line:

php introduce/redesign/upgrade.php

In the two cases, a XML log will be shown. The outcome can be found in the trait aftereffect of the main tag <action>:

  • ok if refreshes have been found and executed
  • error if something turned out badly
  • info for next activities, showing the subtleties on the cycle

Execution log

At the point when the update script discovered a few moves up to apply, the SQL questions run will be recorded along their individual outcome.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><action result="ok" id="">
<action result="info" id=""><![CDATA[[OK] PHP : /* PHP:ps_update_tabs(); */]]></action>
<action result="info" id=""><![CDATA[[OK] SQL : ALTER TABLE `ps_currency` MODIFY `name` varchar(64) NOT NULL]]></action>
<action result="info" id=""><![CDATA[[OK] SQL : SET SESSION sql_mode = '']]></action>
<action result="info" id=""><![CDATA[[OK] SQL : SET NAMES 'utf8']]></action>

You can twofold watch that each activity is set apart as “Alright”. If not, extra subtleties will be appeared after the solicitation, which can help you fix the issue and re-execute the solicitation physically on your data set. Now and again, you may have to reestablish your information base reinforcement and begin once again.

Mistake codes

A mistake code can likewise be shown. Each code is identified with a message depicted here:

  • Mistake #27: The shop is running a more current variant than the substance gave by the introduce organizer.
  • Blunder #28: The shop is as of now at the form you attempt to move up to.
  • Blunder #29: Could not track down the current form. Check your data set boundaries record and the information base association.
  • Blunder #31: Unable to discover update catalog in the establishment way, does the envelope introduce/overhaul/sql exist and isn’t vacant?
  • Mistake #32: No redesign should be applied.
  • Mistake #33: Error while stacking a SQL redesign record. Check your authorizations of the envelope introduce/redesign/sql.
  • Mistake #40: The form gave in the record introduce/install_version.php is invalid.
  • Mistake #43: Error while redesigning information base pattern utilizing tenet.
  • Mistake #44: Error while refreshing interpretations.
  • Mistake #45: Error while empowering subject.


Prior to going further, a couple of things should now be cleaned.

  • The introduce envelope, used to run the data set overhauls, isn’t required any longer and can be securely erased.
  • When opening your shop (toward the front or administrative center) on your program, you may see some visual issues. This can be because of your old resources being as yet served by a store. Reload them forcibly reviving the page (press ctrl+R on Windows/Linux or cmd+R on Mac OS) or clearing your program’s store.

Modules update

Your modules records have been updated during the document duplicate, anyway a considerable lot of them may require extra changes on the data set. If it’s not too much trouble, check the module page in your Back Office to check whether overhauls are standing by to be run.

Go to your organization board and login. You will see the adaptation showed has changed on the login page. At that point in the menu, click on the module page to arrive at your index.

On PrestaShop 1.6, this page can be found in “Module and Services”. Snap on “Update all” at the highest point of the page to run every accessible redesign:

list of modules PrestaShop upgrade

On PrestaShop 1.7, a similar component can be found in the Improve >> Modules page, under the tab “Notices”:

PrestShop module notifications

1-click update module

On the off chance that the manual cycle appears to be too monotonous, different arrangements exist to finish a redesign.

PrestaShop gives the module 1-click update free of charge on the commercial center and your shop organization board. It executes the recently given cycle consequently, and is accessible for practically all variants of PrestaShop.

You can peruse more about it here.

Backing administration

Doing an overhaul without anyone else can be unsafe. In the event that you feel awkward with doing it all alone, you can leave it to our help group who will deal with the reinforcement and the move up to the last minor rendition for you (1.6 → 1.6, 1.7 → 1.7 and so on)

Essentially, the cycle and the outcome will be something similar. The current information on the shop will be kept, just as your module and your present topic.

You can buy in for the redesign administration on the commercial center.

Numerous offices and specialists in your space may likewise give this sort of administration.

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