How to migrate PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7? Part 3

IDs in CSV documents

We accept that you will need to overwrite the exhibition information with the information you sent out from the old shop. Leaving your IDs unblemished will supplant any current information with a similar ID.

In the event that you need to add the extricated information without superseding the current records on the new shop, you should deal with eliminating the IDs from your CSV documents, or disregard them during the import.

Setting up the objective shop

Make a point to choose dont install demo data when introducing the shop

PrestaShop update admin-panel

Introduce dialects

In the event that you are selling in a few nations, extra dialects must be reinstalled on the new shop. This should be possible in International > Localization > Import a restriction pack.

Likewise, ensure the IDs of your langs match on the source shop.

PrestaShop choose language

This is an illustration of shop standing by to be relocated. As should be obvious, there is a brokenness on the dialects IDs. To repeat these holes, you can add unneeded dialects you will eliminate in a subsequent time.

Bringing in information (Importing data)

Dissimilar to a reestablish, we will just import content here, no table design will be altered. In a movement, the information imported should fit the new construction and not the bygone one.


PHPMyAdmin likewise gives an apparatus to import the information you recently adjusted into your tables.

Dissimilar to the fare step, we prescribe you to continue with tables individually.

We expect you need to dispose of the show information of the objective shop, which additionally makes the import safer in regards to likely copy identifiers.

  • Exhausting demo information

In the first place, clean the table from its substance with a TRUNCATE activity. As PHPMyAdmin doesn’t permit this progression prior to bringing in your information, you need to execute it physically. Go to the tasks board of your table.

PrestaShop database data import

At the lower part of the page, you will track down the basic activities accessible. As they are ruinous for the current information, they can’t be effectively found and are written in red.

Here you can see the available addons for Presta:

PrestaShop table database

In the event that PHPMyAdmin recommends to check the unfamiliar keys, you can debilitate it. As you will not import every one of your tables in a solitary call, you clearly can’t guarantee that your relations will be fine during the cycle.

  • Bringing in information

Presently the table has been cleaned from exhibit content, you can import the information from the old shop. Go to the Import tab from your table.

PrestaShop import data

A structure will seem to allow you to modify your import. The default design expects a SQL document to run, so we will have a few choices to change as demonstrated on the screen capture.

PrestaShop ps_cart

  • Start by choosing your CSV document.
  • The subsequent choice to change will be the arrangement. Pick “CSV” or “CSV for MS Excel”.
  • Skirt the principal line of your document. We had the segment names in the primary line to make our record release simpler, yet we would prefer not to import it in the data set.
  • Handicap the unfamiliar key checks. We realize a few relations don’t exist yet, in light of the fact that they will not be imported simultaneously.
  • Twofold check the CSV settings (separators). An off-base worth will make your CSV document unparsable.

At long last, click on “Go”. In the case of everything works out positively, you will get an affirmation page this way:

PrestaShop database

If not, check the blunder message. A mistake about the CSV substance could be fixed by other import settings, while a SQL blunder will expect you to fix your information.

Rehash the cycle however many occasions as you have CSV records.

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