PrestaShop update and keep store updated

The reason for this part is to give the accepted procedures and tips for staying up with the latest. Its similarity reach should cover in any event shops running on renditions 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop.

Keeping a shop refreshed to the most recent accessible adaptation guarantees you have the most recent changes brought by the center group and the engineer local area. Contingent upon the form you move up to, you can get new highlights, security or execution enhancements, or essentially bug fixes.

Besides, the help of PrestaShop 1.6 is presently finished. We encourage you to utilize the 1.7 variants to get uphold, alongside center and modules updates.

Overhaul and movement, two unique cycles

Staying up with the latest should be possible through various techniques. Pick the best update strategy relying upon your necessities.

Set up Prestashop Upgrade

Redesign mapping

Redesigning a shop is the prescribed technique when you need to get your shop exceptional without changing to the following significant variant.

It doesn’t need any extra instruments to run in the event that you follow the manual interaction, the latest delivery bundle will be sufficient.

Effect on existing PrestaShop information

However long you stay on a similar significant variant (ex. 1.6.0 » 1.6.1 or 1.7.1 » 1.7.2 update), we ensure that the accessible highlights continue as before. This implies that your present subject and every one of your modules should keep on filling in as in the past, and no usefulness or information will be lost during the update, regardless of whether the data set design may change.

This can be clarified by the semantic forming we follow, that precludes any similarity breaking change in the center, for example, eliminating a component or adjusting our APIs.

Note that once an update has begun, it is highly unlikely to rollback the changes. The lone arrangement you have is reestablishing the reinforcement you made previously.

Cycle outline

  • Set up your redesign by getting the most recent delivery compress document, unloading it and eliminating its demo content.
  • Apply the new documents by duplicate gluing them in the creation organizer.
  • Run the data set redesign. This could be sufficient for finishing an overhaul, however extra errands like cleanup and modules redesign will bring you dependability and security.

PrestaShop migration

Redesigning isn’t the best way to refresh your shop to the most recent variant of PrestaShop. Now and again, moving your information is a superior choice.

This choice is suggested when you switch on another significant variant. As it acquires a great deal of changes the center with numerous likely contrary qualities with the current topic and modules, beginning new is safer for solidness.

“Moving” signifies moving your present shop to another shop which is as of now running on the most recent adaptation in equal.

It infers making another shop and moving your current information (like items, clients, orders… ) into it, and cripple your old shop thereafter.

The primary favorable position of this alternative is it doesn’t need the shop underway to be in upkeep mode. However long you feel your new shop isn’t prepared, you can save the past one running for your clients.

Effect on existing information

The effect on the current information is totally different from an update, as it relies upon what you move to the new shop.

When changing to another significant adaptation (i.e 1.6.x » 1.7.x), this will suggest that a few assets will be lost:

PrestaShop Authorizations

On PrestaShop, the entire authorizations framework has been revamped to fit with Symfony. We prescribe to reproduce your workers, access gatherings and their consents as opposed to moving them.

PrestaShop Themes

The topic framework has been redesignd in 1.7, so 1.6 subjects will not work any longer. The regulators have changed, and the information divided among them and the perspectives has additionally advanced.

Modules not viable with the new form

Modules can be stronger to PrestaShop new deliveries, however a few contrary qualities may happen when utilizing another significant adaptation. For modules downloaded from the commercial center, you can check their similarity range. For home-made modules, contact your engineer to check its similarity, yet when in doubt think of them as incongruent until demonstrated something else.

Every module reinstalled on the new shop should be reconfigured.

Interaction subtleties

A relocation comprises in:

  • Setting up another shop running on the most recent variant
  • Getting the creation content from old shop
  • Adjusting the substance for similarity prerequisites, fundamental information update
  • Bringing in the information in the new shop

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