CakePHP-platform for grant intervention

HEALTHCARE SECTOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GRANT INTERVENTION (HSRG-DIS) is a platform for reviewing research / development grants in the healthcare sector!

This is the first time we have come across such a task, but SoftSprint has coped with the development!

By the way: this is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria aimed at increasing the number of research on the development of vaccines, drugs in Nigeria against the spread of COVID-19 and any other infectious or non-infectious diseases.

What has been implemented on this PHP-platform:
– registration with confirmation by email and phone
– division of users into different roles with different access to data
– submission of grants by uploading files from users using a large form with the ability to save individual pages
– detailed review of grants with the ability to upload files
– the ability to rate grants from reviewers
– calculate Scale ratings
– the ability to generate PDF files of grants and download them locally
– analytics for all data from the presented applications, a graphical interface for viewing them
– report pages for viewing confirmed applications, downloading their PDF.

On the platform was added a live chat for communication, the ability to close registration and submit grants.


During the development, we used the following technologies and methods:
– PHP 7.2
– HTML 5
– CSS 3
– Bootstrap
– JavaScript
– JQuery 3.5.1
– CakePHP 4


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